High power pump modules

High power pump modules

High Power Pump Modules


pump module


LSTECH’s supplies the pump modules to deliver the combined power for the industrial,  military, medical,  telecommunications and R&D applications. The pump modules are integrated the high brightness pump LDs(Laser Diodes) with high power beam combiner and driver into 19”

rack, wavelength-stabilized for 976 nm pumping. Our pump modules can be fully customized
with wide range of applications.


Features: High Power up to 350W
User-Friendly and Fully Integrated configuration
Compact and High Brightness
High Stability
Including Driver and Power Supply


Applications: Fiber lasers and Amplifiers for a wide range of applications Industrial, Medical, Military and R&D High Power Delivery Heat Treatment


Output Power LST-HPM1: 150W
LST-HPM2: 200W
LST-HPM3: 350W
Wavelength 9xx nm
Optical Fiber 200/220 NA0.22
400/440 NA0.22
(Other fibers are available upon request.)
Connector SMA905
Dimension 2U 19″ Rack Cabinet Mount
Cooling Water Cooled
Monitoring Operating LD Display and Output Power
Cooling Plate Temperature
Option A. Pump Module Integrated with Driver
B. Pump Module Integrated with Driver and Controller (3U)
C. Pump Module Controller
Operating Voltage AC 100~220 V, 50~60 Hz