High Power Pump Modules

High Power Pump Modules

LSTECH supplies high power pump modules to deliver the combined pump power for industrial, military, medical, telecommunication and R&D applications. Pump modules are integrated with high-brightness pump LDs(Laser Diodes) and high-power pump combiner. Customers can easily build lasers with their own configurations using pump modules. LSTECH pump modules can be fully customized with various options for wide range of applications.



High power up to 5.4 kW
User-Friendly and Fully integrated configuration
Compact and High Brightness
High Stability


Fiber laser and Amplifiers for the applications of Industrial, Medical, Military and R&D, etc.
High Power Beam Delivery
Heat Treatment


Configuration Model
(2+1)x1   LHPS0201:   20W (10W x 2)   LHPS0203:  140W (70W x 2)
  LHPS0202:  100W (50W x 2)   LHPS0204:  300W (150W x 2)
  LHPS0601:  300W (50W x 6)   LHPS1801:  900W (50W x 18)
  LHPS0602:  600W (100W x 6)   LHPS1802: 1800W (100W x 18)
  LHPS0603:  900W (150W x 6)   LHPS1803: 2700W (150W x 18)
(Nx1)   LHPM0701:  350W (50W x 7)   LHPM1901:  950W (50W x 19)
  LHPM0702:  700W (100W x 7)   LHPM1902: 1900W (100W x 19)
  LHPM0703: 1050W (150W x 7)   LHPM1903: 2850W (150W x 19)
Pump 915, 976 nm Signal 1064, 1550 nm
Wavelength Wavelength
Optical Fiber  300/330 NA0.22
 600/660 NA0.22
A     Wavelength stabilization for 976 nm pumping
B     Cooling: Air- or Water-cooled
C     Output fiber termination: Bare fiber, SMA905, etc.
D     19” Rack Mount
E     Monitoring (pump LD operation, temperature, etc.)

* Custom Configurations Available