PM Seed Beam Pump Module

PM Seed Beam Pump Module

LSTECH supplies the PM pump modules for the seed beam of green or UV lasers in order to use of ultra-precise laser processing. The pump modules are designed to meet stable operation with two stage amplification and possible to make installation into 19” rack. Our pump modules can be fully customized with wide range of applications.

Nanosecond Pulsed PM Pump Modules

Average Output Power up to 2 W
Compact and High Stability
Available End-cap or Output Beam Collimation
User-Friendly and Available to Full Customization

Fiber lasers and Amplifiers for a wide range of applications:
Industrial, Medical, Military and R&D Seed Laser for Green or UV Wavelength Generation


Wavelength nm 1064 ± 5
Operating Mode Pulsed
Pulse Width ns ≤ 50
Pulse Energy μJ ≥ 20
Maximum Average Power W ≥ 2
Pulse Frequency kHz 10 ~ 100
Pulse Width ns ≤ 50
Beam Quality (M2) ≤ 1.2
PER dB ≥ 13
Optical Power Stability % ± 3
Output Fiber PM 25/250 DCF
Fiber Length < 1.5
Option A. Output with End-cap
B. Available Beam Collimation
C. 19” Rack Mountable
Operating Voltage DC 24 V